January 20, 2017

GTCon – Register Now and Receive your Free Gift

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Register now to receive your free gift.  As a thank you for your interest in GTCon, we are offering you a free commemorative GTCon T-shirt ($30 Value!), available for pickup at check in.

GTCon is bringing together the automotive community for three days of immersive automotive culture.  It all starts with an amazing car show sponsored by Protective Film Solutions followed by a must-see keynote and catered kick-off party.  The next two days will give everyone the opportunity to meet the people reshaping the automotive world, see more cool cars, participate in more automotive experiences sponsored by Historide and Turo, attend Q&A’s, panels, keynotes, meet & greets and more.

GTCon T-Shirt

Selected Speakers, Panelists and Appearances
Please check back often as this is a partial list updated frequently as we announce more exciting speakers and panelists!

  • Alejandro Salomon, Salomondrin
  • Farshad Tehrani, Salomondrin, SVIPE
  • Pedro, Salomondrin, SVIPE
  • Rob Ferretti, SuperSpeeders
  • Andy Frisella, 1st Phorm
  • Rob Dahm, Rotary Motor Legend
  • Matt Farah, The Smoking Tire
  • Alex Roy, /DRIVE
  • Paul Woodman, Lovecars
  • Jeff Allen & Meggan Bailey, Skidmarks Show
  • J.F. Musial, APEX, /DRIVE
  • C.J. Wilson, CJ Wilson Racing
  • Christina Nielsen, Ferrari Challenge
  • Alexandre Smolik, alexsmolik
  • Aimee Shackelford, goldRush Rally, Exotics on Cannery Row, Fuel Run & Social Bolt
  • Parker Nirenstein, Vehicle Virgins
  • James Condon, TheStradman
  • Damon Fryer, Daily Driven Exotics
  • Elizabeth White, CarLifeStyle, ItsWhiteNoise
  • Seth Rose, CarLifeStyle
  • Gabe Florido, CarLifeStyle
  • Sean Lee, Purist Group
  • Marlon Shaw, Cars Without Limits
  • Pushkar Modi, Turo
  • Chris Jacobs, Overhaulin/Barrett Jackson
  • Anthony Carbone, Madwhips
  • John Hennessey, Hennessey Performance
  • Walker Dalton, Jay Leno’s Garage
  • Nic Jimenez, eGarage
  • Spencer Berke, ThatPhotographer
  • Amber Blonigan, GI Automotive, Car Porn Racing
  • Angie Mead King, GI Automotive, Car Porn Racing
  • Ted Seven, Ted7
  • Ramin Arami, goldRush Rally, Exotics on Cannery Row & Fuel Run
  • Rachel Mills, Lady Driven America
  • And more!

GTCon is a three-day event held at the Anaheim Marriott July 13-15, 2017 where influencers, creators, celebrities, industry professionals, automotive companies and fans join for an immersive, creative automotive experience. Meet your favorite personalities, see a collection of very unique cars and experience what makes the automotive community special – the people!

GTCon attendance is open to everyone. There are three tracks available to attendees of GTCon – Fan Experience (Community), Influencer and Industry.

The GTCon Fan Experience (Community) track will allow fans of automotive influencers to get up close and personal with celebrity content creators. A Fan Experience (Community) registration will give you access to keynotes, panels, Q&A’s, photo-ops, autograph sessions, entertainment and special automotive related events.

The GTCon Automotive Influencer track caters to current and aspiring content creators on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Podcasts, Television and more. Exclusive Automotive Influencer Conference tracks will include sessions on content creation, monetizing your brand, managing your business, finding an agent, industry partnerships, platform management, audience acquisition and more. The track will include keynotes, panels, roundtable discussions and networking events.

The GTCon Industry track is for professionals in and around the automotive and creator industries. This track is for managers/agents/representation seeking talented creators, automotive professionals seeking meaningful partnerships, services that support content creation and professionals that create and manage platforms that serve as the conduit for creators to reach the community. GTCon will help industry leaders connect and creators to bridge the gap in understanding the impact of emerging platforms and automotive influencers on the consumer. GTCon will help facilitate the collaboration between brands and creators.

Speakers & Panelists

  • Keynotes
  • Car Culture
  • Speed, Automation and the future of Automobiles
  • Women in Automotive
  • Motorsports
  • Stunting/Extreme Automotive
  • Rally Life
  • Bespoke Automotive Builders
  • Television Celebrities
  • YouTube Celebrities
  • Facebook Celebrities
  • Instagram Celebrities
  • Podcast Celebrities
  • Filmmaking in Automotive
  • Supercars/Hypercars and their owners
  • Print Media
  • Word Class Automotive Photographers
  • Automotive Dealers Role in New Media
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Vlogs, Blogs and Podcasts
  • And more!

Sampling of Exclusive Content Provider & Influencer Tracks

  • Creating a business on YouTube
  • Creating a business on Instagram
  • Creating a business on Facebook
  • Monetizing content via YouTube
  • Monetizing content via Podcasts
  • Monetizing content via Photography
  • Leveraging industry relationships
  • Finding and retaining an agent
  • Building a brand in automotive
  • The future of print media
  • How much is a view, like and click really worth?
  • And more!